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To help professional, business and academic organizations, educators and speakers document and dissemninate their content by recording, archiving and distributing educational audio recordings.


onsiterecording.net is a full-service conference and event audio recording company. Our complete audio library is accessible at our internet website. We provide complete event recording production services, audio data base management and website library catalog sales.


We partner with professional, business and trade associations, academic institutions and event and meeting planners from all across the United States.

Criss-crossing the continent recording events at convention centers, hotels, college campuses and retreats from Vancouver to Boca Raton and San Diego to Montreal, onsiterecording.net produces recordings with an emphasis on excellent audio quality, delivered with the highest level of customer service. These core professional values derive from our roots and many years in music production and recording studio management serving the advertising, record and teleproduction industries in New York City and San Francisco. We apply the same determination in achieving the highest levels of audio quality and service for our client/partners and customers at conferences, conventions and on the internet as we have for symphony orchestra recording sessions, first-call talent and ad agency and record label producers in the studio.

President and CEO,
Robert Z. Schwartz

Founded in 1998 by
Robert Z. Schwartz

We have the staff, the equipment and the experience to make high quality audio recordings. We work well with your conference organizers and presenters and we efficiently, professionally and courteously serve your attendees.

Energy, passion and dedication are our attributes and our experienced, well-equipped and hard working company is at your service!

Recording Crew Team

Christopher Thomas - Recording Engineer/Producer
(206) 854-8224

Pat McHale - Recording Engineer/Producer
(854) 457-2768

Alex Davis - IT Manager/Recording Engineer/Producer
(561) 635-2311

The months of preparation you have spent assembling the finest speakers in your field come together in just a few short hours. At this critical time you want to be sure that your recording needs will be handled professionally. No one is better at skillfully handling the demands of a busy conference than the onsiterecording.net team!

From bustling downtown convention centers and hotel ballrooms to quiet mountaintop retreats, onsiterecording.net knows just what to do to help make your event a success!

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